Disgusting video: ‘These are the people that voted for Obama’

A new video of a man traversing the streets of Southside Chicago is a real eye opener.

In the video, posted to Liveleak, the disgusted man lamented the garbage on the streets and in the local park.

“These are the people that voted for Obama and look at what he’s done for them,” the man said. “He don’t even have their park on the Southside cleaned up.”

Though he conceded “there’s only so much the government can do for you.”

“They say the white man is keeping them down,” he said. “I don’t think the white man is keeping you from putting garbage inside your garbage can.”

Watch the entire video below.


Carmine Sabia Jr started his own professional wrestling business at age 18 and went on to become a real estate investor. Currently he is a pundit who covers political news and current events.
Carmine Sabia


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