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Tensions soar as protesters SHUTDOWN streets; block access to Trump rally

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Protesters are out in force as Donald Trump prepares for a rally in Arizona Saturday.

The protesters, who the mainstream media continue to describe as “peaceful” have taken to blocking roads and major thoroughfares on the way to Fountain Hills’ Fountain Park where the Republican presidential front-runner is set to speak.

The miscreants parked two pickup trucks with signs that read “Dump Trump” and “Shut Down Trump” lengthwise to impede traffic on the highway, according to the New York Daily News.

“We don’t want Donald Trump in Arizona. We don’t want his hatred,” on of the protesters told NBC News.

Cars have been backed up for miles because of the protesters who apparently only believe in their right to free assembly.

However, true to the word of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio who said that he was prepared for them, tow trucks began moving vehicles out of the roadways, KPHO reported.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio told CNN his number one job is to protect Trump, his supporters and even the protesters.

[wpvideo 1tSOiTi8]

He added that he believes the rally will go off without a hitch.

“I said again, I run this office as the sheriff. These are my people in the town,” he said. “I have great confidence in my people and I’m gonna make sure that this continues. That Donald Trump has the right to speak to thousands of people that love him, support him and want him to be president. I’m gonna make sure (the rally) occurs.

The protests have been well documented on social media.

Tensions are rising as someone in a Jeep reportedly “plowed” into the crowd:

Just like the Chicago rally, this will backfire.

Carmine Sabia


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