Teacher ignores parents, lets first-graders decide to participate in Black Lives Matter march

According to some on the left, it’s never too early to start indoctrinating children.

A first-grade teacher in North Carolina saw nothing wrong with taking students to a Black Lives Matter march, even though parents were not given the opportunity to consent to their children being involved with the frequently violent, anti-cop movement.

Stef Bernal-Martinez, a teacher at Central Park School for Children, a K-7 public charter school located in Durham, told the progressive news outlet Indy Week that “my kids … were very excited to, sort of, join the movement themselves.”

Indy Week contacted Bernal-Martinez in response to a Daily Caller op-ed written by Robert Mihaly and published earlier this week.

“The project that my class took on in this quarter was a study of the Black Lives Matter movement,” she said. “And so, we’ve been investigating and asking questions about the issues and the causes that people are fighting for, and my kids really took it on. And they were very excited to, sort of, join the movement themselves.”

Talk about delusional.

“They were like, ‘Well, people in the civil rights movement and people in the Black Lives Matter movement have always changed things by marching. We need to march,’” she added. “It was really just a celebration.”

Mihaly was opposed to “radical educators dragging children into this ugly and sometimes deadly melee.”

He also pointed out that Bernal-Martinez is a self-described “radical queer progressive educator” who identifies as a “white-passing Xicana” — which is a Chicana or a female Mexican-American for those not up on the latest hip lexicon.

As for not involving the parents, Bernal-Martinez seemed to feel the first-graders were capable of making this decision on their own.

“It was about, do the kids want to do this, or not?” she said.

*Feature photo is a screen shot of a March 2015 rally in Madison, Wisconsin.

Tom Tillison


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