Scary Trump impersonator takes real abuse from strangers – for a fee

Street performers in New York City are renowned for their creative ways to make a buck, but one such artist may have struck gold.

If he can take the abuse!

Kallan Sherrard, a 28-year-old performance artist, is allowing people to take out their frustrations with Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on him … for a small fee.

Dressed in a suit and a mask resembling the real estate tycoon, the Trump doppelganger offers takers a “full menu of assaults,” as described by the New York Daily News.

That’s right, you can punch, trample, throttle — whatever that may entail — and “pee” on the fake Trump. Here’s a breakdown of the menu Sherrard is pictured with below:

  1. Punch “Trump” in the gut: $5
  2. Trample “Trump”: $7
  3. Throttle “Trump”: $10
  4. Pee on “Trump”: $300
  5. Take a photo with “Trump”: $2

There’s also a video of some the “action” taking place at Union Square. For what it’s worth, the Daily News noted that Sherrard “has been arrested at least twice before for his bizarre performance artworks.”

In #unionsquare this afternoon. Maybe #timessquare tonight. Gimme fodder, feed me ur thoughts n ideas. #BeatUpTrump

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Come #BeatUpTrump again in #UnionSquare this afternoon I’ll be there within the hour! #Drumf fuck #PerformanceArt

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