Just who’s bringing the hate? Filmmakers EXPOSE radical left behind Chicago riot

Documentary filmmakers captured footage of protesters who spewed a hypocritical message at last week’s Donald Trump rally in Chicago, which was cancelled due to the violent protests.

“This was a premeditated act of intimidation and harassment to shut down the Trump event but wrapped in a message of stopping the hate,” said Andrew Marcus of Rebel Pundit, who appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” on Thursday.

“They are preaching a message of absolute hatred,” he added, as the footage captured showed left-wing agitators from groups like the Communist Party U.S.A., MoveOn.org and other radicals intent on shutting down the Trump event.

Filmmaker Jeremy Segal said people need to realize this was “not some spontaneous uprising” against the Republican front-runner. Segal noted that anyone who blames Trump for inciting the violence or creating the negative atmosphere is “misunderstanding the institutional left.”

“Because of their action,” said Marcus, the left is “exercising a veto power over people’s freedom to assemble and freedom of speech.”

“That’s a very dangerous place for us to arrive in this country,” Marcus said.

Watch the comments in the Fox video and the full Rebel Pundit video below.

Frieda Powers


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