Dana Loesch slams GOP for ‘fetish against grassroots conservatives’

With Fox News exit polls showing four out of ten Republicans considering a third party candidate in the event of a Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton race, conservative radio and TV host Dana Loesch laid the blame on the Republican Party itself.

“If the Republican Party didn’t have such a fetish against grassroots conservatives,” she said on “The Kelly File” Thursday, “and didn’t have such a fetish for going after people like Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Mike Lee and Senator Rand Paul, people who are actually doing the will of the people, I think we’d be having a different conversation today.”

Loesch did not believe supporters of rival candidate Ted Cruz would come to back Trump if he did secure the Republican nomination, calling the GOP front-runner “unbelievably polarizing.”

“These are individuals who are really standing on principle and they’re not going for popularity,” she said.

Watch her comments in the video below.



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