Trump’s already made the Kremlin irritated – is that good or bad?

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has yet to reach the Oval Office and he’s already irritating Russia.

The Kremlin was not pleased with a Trump ad rolled out on Wednesday that featured Russia’s President Vladimir Putin laughing at a barking Hillary Clinton, according to the New York Post.

Following his dominating performance on Tuesday in several state primaries, Trump pivoted to attacking his Democratic rival with a devastatingly funny ad questioning her toughness when dealing with foreign adversaries like Putin and ISIS.

“Is this what we want for a president?” Trump asked when posting the video on social media.

“I saw this clip,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, according to Reuters. “I do not know for sure if [President] Vladimir Putin saw it.”

“Our attitude is negative,” he added.

Peskov stressed that Russians don’t appreciate their country being cast as America’s foe during elections.

“It’s an open secret for us that demonizing Russia and whatever is linked to Russia is unfortunately a mandatory hallmark of America’s election campaign,” he said. “We always sincerely regret this and wish the [U.S.] electoral process was conducted without such references to our country.”

For what it’s worth, the Post noted that Russian state TV “has generally been more positive about Trump than the other presidential hopefuls.”

Tom Tillison


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