Hannity: If GOP hurts Trump or Cruz ‘I’m walking . . . there will be no Republican Party’

Fox News host Sean Hannity announced Wednesday that if the Republican establishment tries to swing the presidential nomination away from either Donald Trump or Sen. Ted Cruz, he’ll turn his back on the GOP.

He told this to his guests, columnist and talk radio host Monica Crowley and Republican strategist Mercedes Schlapp.

Crowley noted that the GOP fears Trump, and to a lesser extent Cruz, are “promising to smash the existing order.”

“If they are going to be that self-destructive, and if they’re going to pout, and if they’re going to pick up their little toys, and they’re going to go home like a bunch of babies, they will destroy — there will be no Republican Party at the end of this,” he said.

“Because if they’re successful, guess what? Cruz and Trump supporters are walking out. And I’m walking out with them.”

Watch the clip via Fox News.

H/T: Gateway Pundit


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