Anderson Cooper to Carly Fiorina: Trump returned our calls, you and Cruz blew us off

When former Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina blamed the media for the rise of Donald Trump, CNN’s Anderson Cooper put the blame on her own shoulders.

“Donald Trump returned phone calls and was willing to do interviews which was something your campaign, frankly, often wasn’t willing to do, nor Ted Cruz’s campaign,” he said.

“CNN always had a very particular schedule,” she replied. “And believe it or not, when you’re running for office, sometimes a more important item is to actually meet with voters.”

She added that by any measurable appraisal, “Donald Trump has gotten far more coverage than the other candidates combined.”

The former Hewlett Packard CEO noted that although Trump has certainly struck a nerve with the electorate, “It’s also fair to say that the media has played a role in his meteoric rise and his ability to stay on top of the polls no matter what he says and does.”

Watch the clip via CNN.

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