‘Heil Trump’: Republican politicos launch ad comparing Donald Trump to Hitler

A super PAC with longtime Republican ties is funding an ad comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

Voters turned away from Florida poll at 9:30 am; already out of GOP ballots, sources say

It didn’t take long for Tuesday’s primary election to get off to a rocky start. Voters in Apopka, Fla., say they were turned away after the polling […]

Cruz’s ‘VERY impressive’ response quells angry protester; wins crowd

Sen. Ted Cruz showed how to control unruly protesters and look presidential in the process by putting his superior logic and intellect to good use. At a campaign stop […]

Hillary, Dem congressman vow to help 1 million immigrants gain citizenship before election

In order for Democrats to win elections these days, some are all but admitting that they have to essentially change the electorate, which shows just how unpopular Democrat […]

Protest backfires; Florida Republicans ‘more likely’ to back Trump after Chicago riot

A Donald Trump Chicago rally that turned ugly when hundreds of violent, leftist rioters showed up to protest the event may have benefited the GOP front-runner’s street […]

Trump jabs Chris Christie to his face; tells crowd ‘I had to make my point’

Republican presidential contender Donald Trump poked fun at New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in the governor’s presence at an Ohio rally Monday. Christie endorsed Trump late last […]

NY Times visits Trump campaign office, shocked by ‘ethnic diversity’

The New York Times published a profile of a Donald Trump campaign office in Florida, expressing astonishment at the number of non-white people and immigrants …

Hillary astonishes, brushes off Libya in defense of record; ‘we didn’t lose a single person’

While defending her actions in northern Africa as secretary of state, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton claimed Monday night that she “didn’t lose a single person” in […]

Sheriff Clarke makes mincemeat out of socialist protester; ‘everything’s a** backwards’

Sheriff David Clarke took on one of the protesters from Donald Trump‘s Chicago rally Friday and pulled no punches. The protester, self-professed socialist Charles Paidock, looked half asleep […]

Charges against Trump for ‘inciting a riot’ fall flat; no indictment, police say

After a careful review of the evidence, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office announced in a statement Monday night…