Oops! Sanders suffers embarrassing gaffe when he assumes man is Muslim

Bernie Sanders got a taste of shoe leather by inserting his foot in his mouth at Monday’s Democrat town hall on MSNBC.

A member of the audience, Spandan Shah, pitched Sanders a softball question designed to bash Donald Trump, but it ended up being the Vermont senator who swung and missed.

“The violence against religious and ethnic minorities around the country, especially in Trump rallies, is very disturbing, and to be honest, very scary, especially for someone who looks like me…” Shah said. “My question to you is if president, what is going to be your approach in uniting the country, and in particular, how do you address those people who relish in Trump’s divisive rhetoric?”

Sanders gave a predictable response as he said it was “sad” that Shah had to ask that question.

But ultimately, it was his followup to strike common ground with the questioner that made him look stupid.

“I’m Jewish. You’re Muslim,” Sanders proclaimed as Shah shook his head.

“You’re…?” Sanders questioned.

“Hindu,” Shah replied.

“You’re Hindu. There you go, all right,” the candidate said. “But that’s what America is!”

Imagine if any Republican candidate made such an embarrassing faux pas.

Fortunately for Sanders, he was in friendly territory on MSNBC.

Carmine Sabia


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