Hillary, Dem congressman vow to help 1 million immigrants gain citizenship before election

In order for Democrats to win elections these days, some are all but admitting that they have to essentially change the electorate, which shows just how unpopular Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is.

While speaking at a Clinton campaign rally in Chicago Monday, Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., promised to give citizenship to one million new immigrants ahead of the November 2016 presidential election, according to a report by the Daily Caller.

“We are going to make sure there are 1 million new immigrant citizens before November of 2016,” Gutierrez told the crowd of Clinton supporters.

The Clinton campaign event was hosted by the Resurrection Project, a left-leaning community organizing group that helps legal immigrants obtain citizenship.

Gutierrez said the organization’s goal is to get citizenship for the “8.8 million residents legally here in this country,” the Daily Caller reported.

Likewise, Clinton pushed for rapid citizenship for millions of legal immigrants in the country before the presidential election. “We especially need you now…” Clinton told the mostly Hispanic crowd.

“I am in support of what you are doing to try to help navigate people who are here, who are already permanent residents eligible for citizenship to take the next steps to become citizens,” Clinton said.

Clinton used fear-mongering language to refer to GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s plan to build a border wall along the Mexican-American southern border, saying, “I know people are worried and they’re afraid by some of what they are hearing.”

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