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Yellowstone ranger illegally rented out his gov’t home in exchange for a lavish French vacation

A Yellowstone ranger was illegally renting out his government-provided apartment at the national park to numerous individuals, including a French couple who exchanged homes with the park ranger and his family.

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Immigration officials printed, mailed hundreds of inaccurate green cards

Immigration officials sent hundreds of green cards to incorrect addresses, fueling national security concerns they “may have fallen into the wrong hands,” a new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Inspector General report finds.

Social media unleashes slew of self-reminders for Obama after he scolds GOP for ‘divisive rhetoric’

It’s another one of those “pot / kettle” things that Obama is so famous for. President Obama remarked Tuesday that the “vulgar and divisive rhetoric” that has […]

Carson indicates Trump endorsement regret; critics say he ‘sold his soul’ for possible job

Former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson sounded regretful on Monday that Donald Trump was the only viable GOP choice for president, telling Newsmax that he would have […]

Report: Top conservatives eye possible third party; anything to take out Trump

It seems GOP establishment types will stop at nothing to defeat Donald Trump. Three prominent Republicans are convening a meeting just two days after today’s primaries to […]

Hot mic catches Hillary discussing Chris Christie’s Trump endorsement; ‘did he have a debt?’

During a commercial break at the taping of Monday night’s MSNBC town hall, Hillary Clinton spoke candidly about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s motivations behind endorsing Donald […]

Oops! Sanders suffers embarrassing gaffe when he assumes man is Muslim

Bernie Sanders got a taste of shoe leather by inserting his foot in his mouth at Monday’s Democrat town hall on MSNBC. A member of the audience, […]

Trump reportedly ‘left OFF’ ballot at some Florida polling stations; complaints pile in

As voters across Florida are voting in the GOP presidential primary today, the results are set to be the most talked about state primary returns in the race […]

Lawmaker regrets stiffing Hooters waitress after social media pounces

A Tennessee lawmaker got an abrupt lesson in what it means to be in the public eye when she stiffed a Hooters waitress last week. What’s worse, […]

Historic vote: Unanimous Congress agrees ISIS committing genocide against Christians

In a historic vote, the House unanimously threw its support behind a resolution proclaiming Islamic State is committing genocide against Christians, Yazidis and other minorities.

Trump says he won’t pay sucker-puncher’s legal fees; denies he ever said he would

Donald Trump denied saying he would pay the legal fees for the 78-year-old supporter who apparently sucker-punched a protester at a North Carolina campaign event last week. […]

KKK leader just announced he’s voting Hillary; will mainstream media bite?

Donald Trump has been continuously lamented by the mainstream media for the alleged support by the white supremacist hate group known as the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). […]