Video: Michelle Malkin takes on Drudge Report

Outspoken conservative commentator Michelle Malkin took aim at right-leaning news website Drudge Report over its recent”Christian-bashing” coverage of Ted Cruz.

The journalist and author expressed frustration at what she considers an over-the-top swipe taken at Cruz for having hands laid on him recently by the pastor who baptized him and his parents.

Malkin took issue with the headline, “Ted is the anointed one. Holy Ghost video revealed,” and the fact that the video was hosted on the YouTube channel of a left-wing website.

Fox News’ Todd Starnes also spoke out and called the headline an anti-Christian smear.

“Not only does this cheap tabloid shot expose ignorance and bigotry, it also exposes 100 point font sized double standard,” she said. “Funny, but I don’t remember the Armageddon style headline about Donald Trump having hands laid on him at his Trump Towers just a couple of months ago by Christian and Jewish leaders.”

“We have enough Christian bashers in the media, Hollywood and the White House,” she continued.

Carmine Sabia


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