Talking points sheet for Trump protesters found at rally

A memo detailing talking points presumably geared toward protesters attending a Donald Trump campaign rally has surface on the Internet.

Posted under a Twitter account belonging to Olaff Jenkins, the caption says it was found at a Trump rally. The memo is dated Saturday, March 12, which is the day Secret Service had to rush the stage in Dayton, Ohio, after a protester tried to gain access while Trump was speaking.

It’s not clear who produced the talking points, or if they’re even legitimate, but protesters are instructed to identify themselves as a “multi-racial group of faith leaders, students, union and community members who are committed to non-violence.”

The intended goal, as stated, was for members to “take action consistent with their conscience.”

As for their purpose, several reasons for protesting are listed, including being “alarmed by the racism and hatred that Trump is engineering.”

The post took on added significance after being re-tweeted by pro-Trump conservative author Ann Coulter, which Jenkins greatly appreciated.

Here’s his response to Coulter, as well as a sampling of other responses from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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