Heckler accuses Rubio of stealing girlfriend: ‘He’s probably gonna steal yours too!’

The 2016 election just got a little stranger, if that’s possible.

In what may be a first, Republican presidential contender Marco Rubio was heckled on Sunday because he’s too cute.

Rubio was speaking at a campaign event in The Villages, Florida, when a man suddenly stood up and cried out, “Marco Rubio stole my girlfriend!

The man lamented that his girlfriend met Rubio in New Hampshire and “doesn’t look at me the same anymore.”

Appreciating the comedic value of the moment, the crowd burst into laughter.

“He’s trying to steal my girlfriend. He’s trying to steal my girlfriend,” the man yelled as he was being removed. “He’s a little bit better looking than me, and that’s true, but he’s trying to steal my girlfriend. That’s the truth.”

And the heckler had a warning for the others: “He’s probably gonna steal yours too!”

For his part, Rubio handled the incident with class, noting that he hadn’t even won in New Hampshire.

“I’m still looking for the hidden camera,” Rubio said after the guy was removed.

Here’s another angle of the heckler and a few reactions from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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