Talking points sheet for Trump protesters found at rally

A memo detailing talking points presumably geared toward protesters attending a Donald Trump campaign rally has surface on the Internet. Posted under a Twitter account belonging to […]

What? What? Wait, wait . . . what do you mean? CNN anchor SHOCKED at what guest ties Hillary to

As CNN Newsroom host Poppy Harlow on Saturday tried to suggest Republicans like John Kasich deserve blame for not speaking out against Donald Trump when he was pushing birtherism against President Barack Obama several years ago, she was taken aback when her guest, Ohio GOP chairman Matt Borges, turned the tables by implicating Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign in dabbling in similar mischief against her then-opponent Senator Obama.

sheriff screen shot
Sheriff says he ‘came unglued’ when baking birthday cakes for illegals replaced border security

The Obama administration is “handcuffing” agents from enforcing immigration laws and is catering to illegal immigrants to such an extent as to bake birthday cakes for them. […]

Video: Michelle Malkin takes on Drudge Report

Outspoken conservative commentator Michelle Malkin took aim at right-leaning news website Drudge Report over its recent”Christian-bashing” coverage of Ted Cruz. The journalist and author expressed frustration at […]

Clinton’s dire warning to middle class if she’s elected: Vote for me and I’ll eliminate jobs!

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton issued a dire warning to struggling families in America’s coal country. “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal […]

Heckler accuses Rubio of stealing girlfriend: ‘He’s probably gonna steal yours too!’

The 2016 election just got a little stranger, if that’s possible. In what may be a first, Republican presidential contender Marco Rubio was heckled on Sunday because […]

Thomas DiMassino
CNN gives platform to maniac who tried to rush Trump; what were they thinking?

Thomas DiMassino, the 22-year-old protester who rushed the stage at a Dayton, Ohio, Donald Trump rally Saturday, had a clear goal in mind — to take the […]

Ann Coulter takes aim at Breitbart reporter for assault charge on Trump campaign

Not one to shy away from controversy, Ann Coulter threw spatters of biting mockery into her Twitter feed over the weekend aimed at Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields. […]

Michelle Fields, Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro resign over assault story; read scathing statement

Breitbart editor-at-large Ben Shapiro resigned on Sunday, along with reporter Michelle Fields, who is knee-deep in controversy after accusing Donald Trump’s campaign manager of assault last week. […]

Baseball legend goes to bat for Donald Trump

As Super Tuesday II approaches, Donald Trump is swinging for the fences. On Sunday, the Republican presidential front-runner added the endorsement of Cincinnati Reds legend and Ohio icon […]

Trump issues warning threat to Sanders: ‘Be careful Bernie, or …’

Donald Trump fired a shot across the bow, and aisle, to Bernie Sanders. The Republican presidential front-runner tweeted a warning to the Vermont senator that he might […]