Father of son killed by illegal immigrant says Rubio, Kasich should be tried for ‘treason’

Spencer Golvach, 25 years-old, was stopped at a traffic light in Texas when out of nowhere an illegal immigrant pulled up next to him and shot him in the head, killing him instantly.

Spencer’s father, Dan Golvach, is now speaking out for victims of illegal immigrant crime all over the country, and telling Breitbart News that he believes pro-amnesty GOP presidential candidates — Sen. Marco Rubio of Fla. and Gov. John Kasich of Ohio — should both be tried for treason.

Golvach said pro-amnesty politicians like Rubio, who infamously was a member of the bi-partisan Gang of Eight that attempted to push amnesty and open border policies via comprehensive immigration reform, should “be brought up on charges for what they’ve done.”

“These GOP establishment leaders like Rubio,” Golvach explains, don’t want to “shackle their donors down to their pesky little immigration laws that were designed to keep us safe … [but which] would compromise their [donors’] cheap labor pool.”

Golvach went on to tell Breitbart News that Kasich was even worse than Rubio on amnesty and open borders, saying that his idea to legalize more than 11 million illegal immigrants would “end America,” calling him a “poster-boy puppet” for his GOP establishment donors.

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