DHS warns of possible Washington D.C. terror attack – hotels , convention centers on edge

On the basis of a recent video released by Islamic State terrorists warning of a Paris-style attack in the United States, the Department of Homeland Security is warning of the possibility of the group targeting Washington, D.C.-area hotels and convention centers.

There was nothing in the DHS bulletin that referred to “specific intelligence or concerns of an imminent attack,” the Investigative Project on Terrorism reported; although, the video was enough to raise at least a general alarm.

“Paris isn’t far from you – we will by Allah’s permission do to your country what we did to Paris. We will kill, slaughter and burn your people,” the narrator in the Islamic State video said. “Inshallah (God willing), we will attack you very soon with anything we lay our hands on.”

Washington, D.C., was repeatedly threatened in the video by the terrorists group, which has previously targeted hotels in Tunisia, India and Jordan.

“Many hotels in the District of Columbia often host dignitaries, large numbers of people in enclosed space, and special events … Nefarious actors can exploit the need to balance customer service and security at conference hotels, as found in an August 2014 exercise in which DHS-led teams successfully infiltrated a conference hotel by circumventing facility security measures,” the bulletin said, which was prepared with FBI assistance.

The IPT reported:

DHS notes in the bulletin that the FBI previously disrupted a plot involving a threat against a Washington-area hotel in October 2010 when it arrested Ahmed Farooque of Ashburn, Va.

It suggests responses to attacks using small arms, improvised explosive devices (IEDS) and to car or truck bombs


“Conference hotels in the District of Columbia are vulnerable to this type of attack; they often do not have an outside security perimeter or additional security in their parking facilities, potentially rendering them vulnerable to [car or truck bomb] placements,” the DHS bulletin said.

Here’s the Islamic State video via the Daily Mail.

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10 thoughts on “DHS warns of possible Washington D.C. terror attack – hotels , convention centers on edge

  1. SusieQ says:

    And the Obama-bots don’t understand why the people of this country wants someone in office that does not even resemble a democrat/socialist? Let me also add an elite establishment republican either, they helped this fraud in office do the damage he has heaped on this nation. Both are to blame.

    As for Clinton, she is just an extension of the Obama regime. She along with Obama allowed ISIS to gain a foothold in the Middle East, thus causing all of this turmoil. I hope she ends up in the pokey where she belongs and should have been there before now.

  2. TheConstitutionMatters says:

    We stand in solidarity with politicians for open borders. We stand with politicians who funded, through ceding of the Congressional purse, the acceptance of 300,000 Muslim migrants on top of tens of thousands of non-vetted refugees of war. We stand with politicians who never met an immigration law they’d follow. Please show your support and stand with us. Paid for by Isis 2016. We approve this message.

    1. siridh says:

      Its worth it if it shows our diversity, our open-mindedness, and our generosity. But its more worth it to keeps the progressives from calling us names.

  3. Unapologetically White says:

    They can burn that city to the ground, for all most of us care. Before they do, please build a wall to prevent anyone from escaping.

    1. Glen Corona says:

      NOKO says they can lob one into NY, Kim Dung Un can lob one into DC at the same time.

  4. Voice_of_Reason says:

    But DC has strict gun control, so everybody is safe, right? I mean, we all know ISIS and AQ obey gun laws, right?

  5. tsigili says:

    Washington is so corrupt……….one almost doesn’t care. There is no one in Washington doing anything for the people of this country. Absolutely no one.

  6. Beeotchstewie says:

    Take notice the threat to a gun free zone, just like Paris. Soft targets abound thanks to gun control foolishness. Let’s hope it does not happen, Quick someone put a Jesus fish on the CAIR headquarters building.

  7. Nunnyah Biz says:

    Yeah right! Like they are going to attack the city where their muslim usurper lives! False flag here folks! It’s a decoy.
    Look for another city to be attacked, like NYC! It’s full of Jews and we all know how the muslim pigs hate the Jews!

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