Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel told police not to arrest violent, anti-Trump rioters, cop sources say

The protests which broke out ahead of Donald Trump’s Chicago campaign rally last week quickly became violent riots when Bernie Sanders supporters and members of the Black Lives Matter movement joined forces to shut down the event.

According to Ann Coulter, sources inside the Chicago Police Department were apparently told by Chicago Mayor and notorious liberal Rahm Emanuel not to arrest any of the violent rioters at the Trump rally.

When Trump decided to call off the Chicago rally because of the riots, he told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that “After speaking with law enforcement, I just thought it would be a wise thing for us to postpone this rally.”

Immediately thereafter, CBS News and the Los Angeles Times ran with the story claiming that the Chicago Police Department was never consulted by the Trump campaign on the riots.

Chicago Police Interim Supt. John Escalante told CBS News the local police “had no role” in consulting with Trump to cancel the campaign rally.

Coulter says that’s also untrue. 

CBS News and the Los Angeles Times have yet to update or retract their stories to claim otherwise.

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