Ann Coulter takes aim at Breitbart reporter for assault charge on Trump campaign

Not one to shy away from controversy, Ann Coulter threw spatters of biting mockery into her Twitter feed over the weekend aimed at Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields.

Fields accused Donald Trump’s campaign manager of assault this week after he allegedly grabbed her arm hard enough to leave a bruise.

She resigned on Sunday over the incident, along with Breitbart’s long-time editor-at-large Ben Shapiro.

Shapiro is one of many colleagues that supported Fields in her claim while others, including her bosses at the publication, remain skeptical.

You can read about the week-long controversy HERE.

Coulter’s take was brutal, but given what she’s proven to be capable of, it could get a lot worse.

Coulter tweet

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12 thoughts on “Ann Coulter takes aim at Breitbart reporter for assault charge on Trump campaign

  1. mintoreo says:

    Michelle Fields and Ben Shapiro were exposed. That’s why they rage quit. They wanted to virtue signal and got burnt instead. Good for them.

    1. astoriava says:

      Next she will have to expose more than just the cleavage to earn her money.

  2. siridh says:

    I saw the “bombshell” video that has him passing by her. If someone had grabbed me hard enough to leave a bruise I would certainly have reacted. No reaction from her. Its sad when “journalists” lie to screw over the people they don’t like.

    1. antiliberalcryptonite says:

      Yup. It’s becoming standard procedure with these libby “news” people.

    2. emiliani says:

      I don’t agree. He could have grabbed her overly-roughly, she did not like it, and then the bruises showed up a couple days later … solidifying her anger over the treatment. The bruises were fairly light, which means that the grab wasn’t a death grip.

      Do I think it’s a huge deal? No. This seems to be every bit as much about reporter entitlement, vanity, and ego than about savage treatment of a reporter.

      That said, what concerns me is the dizzying, contradictory responses from Grump’s campaign: nothing happened, only her shoulder was touched (not the arm), to now, well, yeah, he did grasp at her forearm (where the bruises coincidentally appeared).

      Someone needs to get a handle on this, and the campaign needs to come out with a final word on the matter.

      When you’re changing what you say, it’s usually because you’re not telling the whole truth.

      1. siridh says:

        I don’t agree, if someone grabbed you hard enough to leave bruises — wouldn’t you at least turn in their direction? She walked by as though nothing out of the ordinary happened at all. It looks like if its anything, it was just what normally happens in a crowd of people and there was no purposeful “attack” as she claims.

  3. emiliani says:

    This from the chick (Coulter) who wanted a pie thrower, who missed her, prosecuted? It sure seems like Ann Coulter has a bit of a short-term memory problem. (For the record, he should have been prosecuted — that’s not my point … I’m not trying to do a cliched “gotcha” with Coulter.)

    As the eyewitness testimony and video evidence continue to emerge, we see these “fluid” response from The Grump’s Campaign:

    First: “No one touched her,” after the first video surfaced (which caught nothing whatsoever).
    Second: “His hand only touched her shoulder,” after the 2nd video surface (showing little).
    Third: “Well, his hand did, in fact, grab her arm where her picture shows bruising, but he didn’t squeeze hard enough to leave bruising,” after the 3rd video surfaced (showing him reaching toward her forearm and guiding her away from Trump — coincidentally right where the bruise picture show).

    No apologies for the previous mis-statements and mistakes. That’s why I suspect that they’re not telling the truth. They could have come out early and just said what happened: I guided away from Mr. Trump a woman I didn’t know or recognize … I think I did it in a professionally, non-threatening way. If the grab resulted in a bruise, I apologize; that was not my intent. Story over, then he/we could focus on winning Mini-Super Tuesday and possibly putting this race to bed.

    But i just don’t understand the compulsive tactic on the Left of excusing EVERYTHING Hillary or Obama does — and all the people around them — because, well, “he’s our guy”.

    I’m willing to say that I’m not sure, yet, what happened; but I most surely don’t feel comfortable tearing this lady apart on such scant evidence or reason thus far presented. I will say that it is totally contrary to men’s instincts, however.

    It’s the slobbering sycophancy of so many of Trump’s supporters that worries me about a Trump President. But maybe the Left needs to learn the lesson that we can be as willingly myopic and deluded about “our” leaders as they are. That might not be a bad lesson for them to learn … or a few hundred Trump supporters yelling and carrying on at a Bernie/Hillary campaign event. Maybe they need to learn that civility is a two-way street … and there’s NO ONE else who will go there.

    1. Josef Roesler says:

    2. Pam Dunn says:

      Back to your liberal pig sty emiliani. The slop trough is missing you.

  4. elmcqueen3 says:

    Fields and Shapiro are trolls…they are “baiters”…they want name recognition and will do anything to get it…they are after money…if they can’t get it from their employer they will go after Trump…as for the bruises they could be self inflicted…my wife bruises so easily all I have to do is touch her…she never pains when I touch her she just turns black and blue in that area…so who’s to say exactly how Fields got those bruises?…From the video there was no apparent wincing from pain nor did I see that Fields had lost her fact I didn’t see anything which she claimed had happened…If not a liar she’s making a mountain out of a mole hill…She should be discredited for her claim.

  5. tbird90sc says:

    Now everyone is mentioning Michelle Fields and Ben Shapiro, seem to have forgotten all about Ben Terris
    and Jabin Botsford

  6. Millie Tyler says:

    Maybe it’s because I was raised with two brothers but a bruised arm doesn’t get a second thought from me. Seems kinda Diva-esque and immature for Michelle Fields to make such a big deal about getting jostled around in a setting where there are so many people. If something serious happened to her she would fold like a $2 suit.

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