Palin wows crowd, blasts ‘punk a**’ thug protesters in surprise speech

Sarah Palin stunned many by stumping for Donald Trump in Tampa, Florida, on Monday. The appearance came after news broke that her husband Todd was in a […]

Hillary says Trump’s inciting violence; conjuring up ‘lynching’ memories deep within ‘the DNA’

When it comes to the race card, Hillary Clinton carries platinum. The Democratic presidential front-runner appeared at a town hall event on MSNBC and told moderator Chris Matthews […]

ABC’s ignorance of Republican Party exposed in new drama ‘The Family’

I’ve been wary of how ABC’s new suspense drama The Family would play politics from the beginning. The main character Claire Warren (Joan Allen), whose son has mysteriously reappeared after being missing and thought dead for 10 years, is a Republican running for governor in a campaign run by her daughter, Willa. It took until the third episode, “Of Puppies and Monsters,” for them to finally start hitting at Republicans, and I expect more to come.

DHS warns of possible Washington D.C. terror attack – hotels , convention centers on edge

On the basis of a recent video released by Islamic State terrorists warning of a Paris-style attack in the United States, the Department of Homeland Security is […]

Father of son killed by illegal immigrant says Rubio, Kasich should be tried for ‘treason’

Spencer Golvach, 25 years-old, was stopped at a traffic light in Texas when out of nowhere an illegal immigrant pulled up next to him and shot him in the […]

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel told police not to arrest violent, anti-Trump rioters, cop sources say

The protests which broke out ahead of Donald Trump’s Chicago campaign rally last week quickly became violent riots when Bernie Sanders supporters and members of the Black Lives […]

‘Conservative’ group attacking Trump allowed Rubio to push amnesty, expand cheap foreign labor

GOP-front runner Donald Trump has a common enemy with the conservative movement Club for Growth, a “conservative” organization that espouses to promote economic freedom, while shilling for […]

ICE: 124 criminal illegals released under Obama were later charged with 135 new homicides

How can the federal government secure the border when it can’t even keep convicted murderers behind bars? In what a Texas congressman calls “The worst prison break […]

Hatchet-wielding masked man shot dead by 7-Eleven customer

A Washington state convenience store customer with a concealed handgun permit brought an attack by a hatchet-wielding masked man Sunday to an abrupt end, leaving the attacker […]

Alleged home invader picks gun-owner to be next target – doesn’t make it out alive

An alleged home invader met his end recently when he picked a gun owner as his next victim.

Video of man urinating on Kelloggs products on assembly line has breakfast-eaters freaking out

It’s raining controversy at the Kellogg’s corporation after a video surfaced of a man urinating on products passing by on the assembly line. According to the company’s internal […]

Melissa Harris-Perry dishes to ‘The View’ about her break-up with MSNBC

Ousted MSNBC personality Melissa Harris-Perry poured her heart out to the women of ABC’s “The View” on Monday as she compared her departure from the cable news […]