Total blackout on ABC, other networks avoid Benghazi victim’s mom who says Hillary lied to her face

In the March 9 Democratic presidential debate, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos played a clip of Patricia Smith, the mother of Bengazhi victim Sean Smith, saying then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told her the attack that killed her son was the result of an anti-Islam video.

What makes this a “stunning” moment, as described by Newsbusters, is that there has been an almost total blackout on the national networks ABC, CBS and NBC of this charge — particularly at ABC.

Even more stunning, Clinton responded to Ramos by saying the grieving mother was “absolutely wrong.”

According to Newsbusters, since 2012 there have been just five stories on the “Big Three” networks that mention Smith’s reaction — three on NBC, two on CBS and an astounding ZERO on ABC.

“ABC has yet to air a second of Smith’s claims that the former Secretary of State lied to her,” wrote Newsbuster’s Geoffrey Dickens.

Dickens compares that to the treatment Cindy Sheehan received in the media:

In contrast, in the summer of 2005 when anti-Iraq war mom Cindy Sheehan camped out in front of George W. Bush’s Crawford, Texas ranch the networks flooded their evening and morning shows with 100 stories (ABC 37, NBC 33, CBS 30) in the first month (August 9 through September 9) of coverage alone.


A little quick math shows that Sheehan’s protest was covered 100 times in the first month alone.

Fox Business Network’s Trish Regan asked Smith to respond to Clinton’s charge that she was wrong on March 10, the day after the debate.

“Well, she lied!” Smith replied. “I was there and we were nose to nose at the coffin ceremony. She lied to me. She told me it was the fault of the video. I said, ‘Are you sure?’ And she says, ‘Yes, that’s what it was [it was] the video.’ She knew full well it wasn’t at that time.”

Tom Tillison


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