SNL hits Hillary hard, making her literally morph into Sanders

Hillary Clinton has long been criticized for adapting many of Bernie Sanders’ priorities in the Democratic presidential primary in an attempt to appeal to her rival’s wide base of support among millennial voters, which made for a perfect “Saturday Night Live” spoof.

In a mock campaign ad, Hillary, played by Kate McKinnon, morphs into Bernie right before viewers very eyes.

The ad begins with Hillary repeating her competitor’s exact beliefs until suddenly she appears wearing Sanders’ trademark wire rim glasses and a suit and tie. Her hair line quickly recedes as she takes on his identity, even calling herself “the biggest outsider Jew in this race: Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

“There’s a lot of work to be done, and that is why I am sick and tired of hearing about my own damn emails!” she says in spot-on interpretation of Sanders.

“Feel the Bern, For Her,” the ad concludes, with Hillary reassuring voters that she’s “whoever you want me to be.”

Tom Tillison


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