Breitbart reporter accused of ‘crying wolf’ after new video is released

Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields has received mountains of attention this week over her claim that she was assaulted by Donald Trump‘s campaign manager.

But new video is casting serious doubt, not on who grabbed her, but on the severity of the incident.


Video published to YouTube on Saturday indeed shows a man that resembles Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski grabbing her arm and moving her out of the way as she was about to chase after Trump, but the claim that she was almost thrust to the ground is beyond a stretch if this is the incident in question.

Fields has been in the national spotlight and appeared all over political television programs to talk about her “assault.”

She even filed a police report about the encounter.

Reactions have varied from “get over it,” or “she’s lying,” to demands that Trump fire his campaign manager and apologize.

So far, there has been no response from Fields or her supporters over the new footage.

Social media Trump supporters, including Ann Coulter, fired away on Fields over this new video.

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Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia Jr started his own professional wrestling business at age 18 and went on to become a real estate investor. Currently he is a pundit who covers political news and current events.
Carmine Sabia


29 thoughts on “Breitbart reporter accused of ‘crying wolf’ after new video is released

  1. Ken Parker says:

    On a brighter note, both this lying “reporter” and the ever disgusting narcissist “Little” Ben Shapiro both resigned from Breitbart News as a result of this scandal!

  2. Ron Gonshorowski says:

    MSNBC is looking for a Megyn Kelly wannabe.

  3. Andylit says:

    Simple solution. Arrest her fro filing a false police report.

  4. TPS12 says:

    New journalism of fame, if you don’t have a story just make one up.

  5. TonytheTiger says:

    There is a medical term for people that bruise by just touching them, even by themselves touching themselves. My ex-wife had that problem, has had to wear long sleeves all her life. Note in the video she has on long sleeves. Seems like I heard one of Trumps people say they may have moved her because she was crowding to close to Trumps path and said if they caused a bruise, they were sorry. End of story
    Her own website says she never filed an assault charge with the police

  6. HOFFHACK says:

    I guess she thought this would help her career! Maybe MSNBC (are they still in business) will snap them up!

  7. John Presley says:

    She needs to retire from journalism and write her book and Label it Fiction

  8. CCCINNC says:

    The real shame (sham) is that the MSM media in my opinion has NOT corrected the record. The Kelly File, did show the latest video, the story was still “This is the worst thing that ever happened to me…” All I wanted was an apology… Really? The Kelly File story was so carefully crafted, so as not to expose the hoax, that it was laughable bias. The soundbytes made the story about Breitbart resignations rather than the hoax that they all went for.

    1. Bigfoot Steve says:

      The media was in on it…conservative AND liberal. Even Rush Limbaugh went down the rabbit hole.

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