Barrier-jumper has ties to ISIS, says Trump: Who was ‘maniac’ stopped by Secret Service?

Donald Trump said that the barrier jumper who disrupted his Dayton, Ohio area rally Saturday could be attached to the Islamic State.

The moment the jumper crashed the barrier, Secret Service agents jumped into action to protect the Republican presidential candidate.

Thomas Dimassimo, 22, is a former child actor with roles on the TV shows “Yes, Dear,” “Reno 911!,” and “House of Payne.” He hails from Georgia and has a history of demonstrating, having taken part in protests against the American flag and the Confederate flag. His mother is an Atlanta public official, according to

Dimassimo was led off by authorities and charged with inducing panic and disorderly conduct.

Trump tweeted:

He also talked of the incident at his next rally, in Kansas City, Missouri.

“It was probably ISIS or ISIS-related,” Trump told his supporters. “They find the guy is playing all sorts of, just– let’s say music that you wouldn’t be liking, dragging an American flag along the sidewalk, making all sorts of gestures … and he’s probably or possibly ISIS-related.”

However, a video describing Dimassimo as an Islamic State sympathizer appears to be a hoax perpetrated by a troll, reported.

He took part in an American flag protest at Dayton’s Wright State University last year, in which video captured him dragging the flag on the ground and standing on it with another student.

That video was used by a Dimassimo troll to produce the hoax video depicting him in sympathy with the terror group, according to

Here’s that video:


56 thoughts on “Barrier-jumper has ties to ISIS, says Trump: Who was ‘maniac’ stopped by Secret Service?

  1. tsigili says:

    One thing is certain………..the guy s NOT any decent sort of American citizen.

  2. Sunshine43 says:

    Either…or…this a$$ is a piece of useless garbage! His day will come and it ain’t gonna be pretty!

  3. John Presley says:

    The USA Flag is a symbol for America. If a person dont like it, he shud leave this country. Or be deported to wherever, Or just shot, whichever is easiest.

    1. Nunnyah Biz says:

      Let’s do the hitlery thingy and just “flip a coin”!

  4. Nunnyah Biz says:

    Everyone start going to Trump rally’s with their 2nd Amendment Rights securely holstered. I’m sure Donny will approve.

    And if the cops are smart, they will deputize every Constitutional American Patriot on the way in!

    That’ll put a stop to these traitors, all nice & legally too!

  5. timothyf7 says:

    I guess this is what happens when child actors who can’t act and aren’t cute anymore… resorts too. I wish one of our brave enlisted men or women would have encountered his chicken butt dragging the flag of the country that allows trash like him to even protest.

  6. John Campbell says:


    People, watch this one closely. There may, or may not, be an error here. The video presented from a social media post has Arabic writing beneath it. While there is no doubt that the guy who attempted to attacked Trump is a low life scumbag, if you use a translator to read the Arabic it does not say this guy is ISIS and it appears to be written to condemn him as a wannabe ISIS from the perspective of an ISIS supporter. Something very strange with this one.

  7. Friend Of St. Frank says:

    I find this fact interesting. 2 and only 2 candidates got secret service protection before the primaries were decided and this is unusual. The two were Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson. They both had secret service protection because ISIS had threatened to kill both of them.

    No threats from ISIS to Hillary or Bernie, or Ted or Rubio or Fionna or, or or-Only Trump and Carson. So, if ISIS has no problem with any of the candidates being elected and only targets two, then that to me is a ringing endorsement for Trump and Dr. Ben Carson.

  8. MyfellowAmericans says:

    If DiMassimo disrespects the US Flag let him go back to where he “hails” from. After all he is an African American, right? See if he can get “assistance” like in the US from his “place of origin”. Don’t know why I’m trying to be respectful with my words for this sorry ass!!

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