Police officer bloodied in violence erupting after Trump rally cancellation; see video, photos

Violence erupted in Chicago on Friday following the cancellation of a rally for Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, resulting in at least one police officer being bloodied.

A large contingent of police officers was forced to intervene to restore order after hundreds of anti-Trump protesters began clashing with Trump supporters at the event being held at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Chicago Interim Police Superintendent John Escalante said two of his officers were injured, including one who was hit in the head with a bottle.

The unidentified officer, covered in blood, is seen here:

The chaos outside the event can be seen in it’s full intensity here:

The violence broke out inside the venue when protesters began celebrating the announcement that the event was being postponed. Fistfights and other scuffles broke out between the two factions and quickly spilled out onto the streets.

Police had their hands full trying to prevent a full scale riot from breaking out.

Tom Tillison


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