‘Don’t back down to these goons’: Sheriff Clarke goes off on Trump riot-starters and cops

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke slammed protesters who shut down a Donald Trump rally in Chicago on Friday night.

He called the protesters “riot starters who show up at these things to create chaos” and labeled them a threat to America.

“Donald Trump’s First Amendment rights were squashed last night because of the cancellation of this rally,” he told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto on Saturday and he advised people at the rallies to defend themselves.

“Don’t back down to these bullies and these goons!” he said.

Clarke said the blame for the protests fell at the feet of President Obama and not Trump as many in the media have said.

“The president of the United States is the one that created this division, stoking up racial discord, class warfare, gender warfare for the last eight years,” he said. “For people to blame this on Donald Trump is way out-of-bounds.”

Clarke said Trump was targeted because he is the “biggest threat” to the protesters who are “anarchists” that want “to bring down our legally constituted government.”

“They advocate violence and they advocate chaos to bring down our legally constituted government,” he said. “This has to be crushed.”



Carmine Sabia


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