Breitbart spokesperson tells CNN they’re ‘lying’ about what happened to own reporter; quits in outrage

A spokesman for Breitbart resigned over the controversy surrounding the site’s handling of its reporter’s allegations against Donald Trump’s campaign manager.

Appearing on CNN on Friday, Kurt Bardella said he could no longer serve as spokesman for Breitbart as the website had “not adequately supported” its own reporter, Michelle Fields.

Fields had filed assault charges against Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, accusing him of grabbing her roughly after a press conference in Florida on Tuesday. Bardella said he felt Breitbart was looking for “a reason to disprove something” and did not back its own reporter’s claims, despite “all the evidence” to the contrary.

“There’s no reason to never support your own reporter,” he said.

Host Don Lemon asked directly, “Are you saying they are lying?” Bardella’s unabashed answer was “Yes, I am.”

Bardella noted the site has “skin in the game” with regard to Trump, adding that it’s “very clear” that they are “very supportive of the Trump campaign.”

See his comments in the video below.

Bardella also spoke out on Twitter.

Frieda Powers


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