Palin GOES OFF in defense of Trump supporters; slams Cruz for ‘holier-than-thou narcissism’

Sarah Palin came to the defense of Donald Trump supporters and condemning Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz for insulting them.

Cruz’s comments that voters who favor Trump have “relatively low information” and are “not that engaged” earned him a scathing response from Palin who went off in a Facebook post on Thursday.

The Texas senator’s “insinuation” that Trump’s supporters are  “Wayyyyyy Beneath” him “reeks of all the reasons America knows ‘the status quo has got to go,'” Palin said in the post.

Calling Cruz’s comments “downright nasty,” Palin then turned the GOP candidate’s words on himself asserting that Trump voters ARE low information when it comes to knowing about Cruz.

The former Alaska governor slammed Cruz by systematically asking where voters could get information on his ability to unify and lead, and asking him “how it helps make America great again by arrogantly disenfranchising this Primary season’s majority voters who are fed-up, inspired, optimistic, and engaged?”

“How does it help unify the party or the nation when that holier-than-thou narcissism manifests itself through negative, biting, deceptive tactics,” asked Palin, who endorsed Trump in January.

Palin suggested that the information on Cruz is “nonexistent” while Trump’s “energized, positive campaign” has broken previous Republican voter turnout records.

“Any info, Ted, on where you think that ‘disengaged’ momentum will take us?” Palin asked at the close of the post.

GOP Majority Voters in Primary are Wayyyyyy Beneath Cruz, So Says…

Posted by Sarah Palin on Thursday, March 10, 2016



59 thoughts on “Palin GOES OFF in defense of Trump supporters; slams Cruz for ‘holier-than-thou narcissism’

  1. John Parsons says:

    Cruz is right – those of us who support Trump have “relatively low information”. We should know better than listening to the media and the establishment Republicans.

    1. dfinch says:

      Trump said he looooves the under educated voter. Why would he say that?

      1. CLASYS says:

        Very simple, but you all don’t get it. they are not “educated” in the sense of establishment brainwashing. I consider myself extremely low information in that department as well. [And always have done my best to not fall for their crap.]

        1. dfinch says:

          Haha. He’s insulting you and you don’t have the sense to see it.

          1. CLASYS says:

            When you get to the third grade, have someone explain sarcasm to you.

      2. faithandhonor says:

        Because the blue-collar worker typically does not have a higher education, but is still wiling to work hard and wants to provide for his family like any other real American. He/she doesn’t have multiple degrees and the overweening arrogance that often accompanies that level of education. Trumps loves them, too.

        What’s wrong with that? Got a burr up your over-educated butt?

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