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Obama goes birther on Cruz to impress Canadian PM

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While Sen. Ted Cruz was down in Miami, Florida, debating his three rivals seeking the Republican presidential nomination, President Barack Obama was in the White House making a “birther” joke about the Texas firebrand.

It happened while Obama was entertaining Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a state dinner. He chose the occasion to throw out a few Canadian wisecracks.

Per the pool report via The Weekly Standard:

Pool was escorted into the East Room at 8:32, where POTUS had already begun delivering his toast. POTUS spoke for about 7 minutes[.]

The toast was filed with jokes. Among them: “If things get out of hand, remember the prime minister used to work as a bouncer.”

Referencing singer Justin Bieber, POTUS said Trudeau in America may well be “the most popular Canadian named Justin.”

POTUS also talked about shared values of equality and opportunity, saying that’s having an effect on the 2016 presidential election.


And that’s when Obama delivered his punchline.

“Where else could a boy born in Calgary run for president of the United States?”

Three lawsuits have been filed and summarily dismissed by the courts challenging Cruz’s eligibility for president as a “natural born citizen” — in New York, Illinois and Florida (which also challenged Sen. Marco Rubio’s eligibility).

All three were dismissed on procedural grounds.

However, on Thursday, a Pennsylvania court heard a challenge to Cruz’s eligibility on its merits, ruled against the plaintiff and issued an order keeping Cruz on the state ballot.


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