Jeb’s ex-campaign manager takes cheap shot at Trump; tensions rise after GOP debate

The former communications director for the Jeb Bush campaign took a jab at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump after the debate on Thursday.

Tim Miller asked Trump about his tie, seen in a video posted by Time reporter Zeke Miller, who captured the moment in Miami following Thursday’s CNN Republican debate.

“Where’s your tie made? Is that a Trump tie?” Miller asked the GOP front-runner as he was making his way through the room. At first, Trump appeared to dismiss Miller’s shot that seemed to aim at discrediting the billionaire for his branded suits and ties that are allegedly made in China.

But Trump counter attacked, calling out Miller for his job on the Bush campaign.

“You did a great job with Bush. You did a great job representing Bush,” said Trump. “Where is your client? I’ll tell you what, Jeb could have won if it wasn’t for you.”

The reactions on social media were mixed: some rejected Trump’s rhetoric on trade policy with China as hypocritical while others staunchly defended the GOP candidate.







Frieda Powers


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