Canadian hostages make terrifying plea under command of Islamic militants

Two Canadians and a Norwegian man held captive by Al-Qaida-linked terrorists in the Philippines have begged their governments for help.

“To the Canadian prime minister and to the Canadian people in the world, please, do as needed to meet their demands within one month or they will kill me, they will execute us,” a man who identified himself as John Ridsdel implored.

According to the Toronto Sun, the men were captured six months ago, and failed to mention in its headline that the captors were Islamic extremists.

All three men were linked together by handcuffs in the video posted to the group’s Facebook page.

“The Canadian government has got to get us out of here fast,” the man who said his name was Robert Hall pleaded.

“Follow the negotiation, try to meet their demands within 30 days or we are all dead,” the Norwegian man who identified himself as Kjartan Sekkingstad said in what he called his “last message to my family, friends and authorities.”

The captors demanded $100 million or “we will do something terrible against these captives,” a masked terrorist said in the video.

It’s not known how much help, if any, the hostages will get. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been notoriously soft on fighting terror.

Carmine Sabia


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