‘Those polls aren’t accurate’: Rubio in denial after data says he’s about to get clobbered badly in Florida

With the next big round of primary voting coming up Tuesday, voters are eyeing all candidates and many have questions for Republican Marco Rubio.

Widely seen as not strong enough to become the nominee, but just popular enough to take a significant amount of votes from the two front-runners, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, voters want to know what Rubio’s next move will be.

Sitting down in Hialeah, Florida for an interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on Wednesday, Rubio tried to explain where he stands.

After a dismal showing on Saturday, with Rubio trailing badly in four states, Kelly started off by asking if he was preparing to drop out of the race.

“No! no, You know what’s funny, I don’t know what’s happening in this campaign. Every week someone else is supposed be dropping out,” he said, referring to rumors circulating earlier this week that he would be existing the race before the Florida primary.

“I am not dropping out. I am fighting all the way through and we’re going to win Florida!” he reassured a cheering crowd.

But polls and analysis say otherwise.

graph 1
Fox News Poll of Florida Republican Voters, InsideGov

Trump shows a sizable lead over Rubio, and to make matters worse, the vast majority of Florida Republicans polled feel betrayed by their party. Not good news for the Florida Senator.

graph 2
Florida Voters on Party Politicians, InsideGov

Seeing the writing on the wall, Kelly mentioned Trump’s 23 point lead and asked how Rubio could possibly win.

“Those polls aren’t accurate,” Rubio said. He explained the only poll that matters is the one happening Tuesday. With a potential 99 delegate windfall should he take Florida on Tuesday, Rubio says the game would change.

As for joining a “unity ticket” with Cruz in an effort to win against Trump?

Rubio chalked that kind of talk to media-ratings “drama,” and reiterated that he is focused on becoming the president of the United States.

“At some point, we’re all going to team-up.” He continued. “We’re all going to be on the same team I hope.”

“And I honestly don’t believe, Donald Trump’s going to be the nominee. I continue to believe it’s going to be me.”


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