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‘She’s pi**ed!’ Viewers revel watching Hillary under fire, Univision wins ‘best moderated debate’

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Political debate moderators network wide are officially on notice.

News anchor Jorge Ramos came out swinging at Univision’s Democrat Debate Wednesday night. Not mincing words, Ramos outlined the significance of Hillary’s email deception and asked her two pointed questions:

Was using a private server, which has been concluded to have contained classified emails, at the directive of President Obama? And, would she be leaving the race if she were to be indicted?


Clinton got busy spinning her complicated web of deception, and began by stating she’ll be sticking to her story “of many months”: She made a mistake, she didn’t do anything that wasn’t “disallowed,” and her predecessors are guilty of doing the same thing.

She concluded that certain emails have “retroactively” been deemed classified and that she is not worried about the investigation.

Ramos stuck to his guns and repeated his questions. It was the one on possibly being indicted that really got under her skin.

“Oh for goodness … that is not going to happen, I’m not even going to answer that question,” Clinton said.

Social media had a field day:

But there were some stompy-feet viewers who couldn’t take the hard-hitting questions:


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