Kim Kardashian offended by Bette Midler’s mockery starts Twitter feud over naked selfie

Reality star Kim Kardashian can’t seem to help herself from flooding the Internet with gratuitous naked selfies, and at least one famous star is prepared to do something about it.

Legendary actress and singer Bette Midler made a hilariously spot-on comment about Kardashian’s latest self-indulgence from earlier this week.

Kardashian became bent out of shape after that clever — yet true — jibe and fired off a retaliation tweet.

It looks like Midler is taking Kardashian up on that and challenged the self-absorbed star to start raising some money where her famous-derriere is: After all, if she’s going to put it out there for all to see, she might as well put it to good use, right?

And when the lighting got better…

Not bad for a digitally manipulated picture of a 70-year-young super star. So far, no word from the K-camp, but others on social media had plenty to say:


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