Karma! Armed robber holds up cabbie at light – misses impatient COP in car behind

A would-be robber failed to notice the obvious in his plan to hold up a taxi driver in Pennsylvania.

Entering the back of a taxi stopped at a red light in Reading, Pa., on Monday, the masked suspect held a gun up to the driver and demanded his money, as seen in the video posted by Mashable.

“Give me everything you’ve got,” he demanded, as the driver scrambled to reach into his pockets. “We can make this the easy way, or we can make this the hard way, man.”

The thief demanded his wallet and phone as the distressed driver tried to remain calm. “If you don’t want to die, man. Give it all to me now.”

The robbery attempt could not have been timed more perfectly — for the cab driver that is. The suspect had not noticed the sheriff’s deputy in the car behind the taxi. When the taxi failed to proceed at the green light, the officer turned on the patrol car lights and stepped out, approaching the cab.

Watch the video to see the priceless reaction of the taxi driver and how the alleged thief’s plan went all wrong.



Frieda Powers


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