Trump, Cruz in a ‘head-to-head’ match up? Candidates say bring it on

As Sen. Ted Cruz is narrowing the gap between he and Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, both candidates would like to see a one-on-one race between the two.

“Head-to-head, not only do we beat Donald Trump, we beat him resoundingly,” the Texas Republican told Fox News host Sean Hannity Monday. “Donald has a hard ceiling on the support that he can get.”

Trump expressed the same desire Sunday on “Fox & Friends Weekend.”

“I would like to face Ted,” Trump said. “It cleans it up.”

Cruz also told Hannity that it’s important to wrest control away from the real estate mogul because a Trump nomination would likely lead to a GOP defeat in November.

“He loses in just about every poll,” said Cruz. “Hillary trounces him.”

Cruz added that his campaign is “seeing record turnouts” and “also earning the votes of young people” in answer to critics who claim the senator’s best states are behind him.

On Tuesday, March 8, Mississippi, Michigan, Hawaii and Idaho voters go to the polls. On Monday, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant joined the “Cruz crew” with his endorsement.

Brian Phillips, Cruz’s rapid response director, tweeted:

“This has been a difficult decision for a lot of us,” Bryant said. “When it comes to a true conservative, as I am, Ted Cruz has exemplified that.”

Cruz has also stepped up efforts in Florida in an effort to take that state away from both Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Trump, who has business interests there.

Watch the clip via Fox News.


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