‘Outnumbered’ hosts shred Obama admin over Christian ‘genocide’ denial: history won’t be kind

The Obama administration has been under increasing pressure to call the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East for what it is: genocide, something that the president has been loath to do.

Harris Faulkner observed on Tuesday’s “Outnumbered” that President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are facing a March 17 deadline to determine how to define those attacks.

Fox News host Andrea Tantaros noted that the administration has continuously downplayed radical Islam’s threat by calling Islamic State terrorists “JV” and denying the existence of a war on terror.

“You’re not going to acknowledge that there’s something being done to the Christians if you’re not acknowledging who’s committing the acts,” Tantaros said.

“There’s blood on this administration’s hands ever since the ‘red line’ [drawn then withdrawn against Syria],” Meghan McCain put in. “History will reflect on this very badly.”

Watch the clip via Fox News. The genocide discussion starts about the 4:20 mark.


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