Lawmaker introduces legislation to castrate certain sex offenders

We’re talking the real deal here, not that namby-pamby chemical castration.

An Alabama lawmaker introduced a bill Monday that would require certain sex offenders to be permanently and physically castrated prior to being released from prison.

The offenders that the bill targets are the worst of the worst — predators of young children.

Republican Rep. Steve Hurst introduced the measure requiring anyone older than 21 who is convicted of “certain sex offenses” against children age 12 or younger to pay for the surgical procedure before they serve the end of their prison sentence.

This isn’t a first for Hurst — he’s introduced similar legislation seven times since 2006, but most of his efforts never made it out of committee, according to CBS News.

He was prompted to begin this crusade as the result of a visit from a foster parent advocacy group that relayed a “horrible” story of abuse.

“I’ve often wondered what that child went through, physically and mentally, and what kind of shape he’s in now,” Hurst said Monday. “They (sex offenders) have marked these children for life. They will never get over it. And if they’ve marked children for life, they need to be marked for life.”

CBS News reported:

Hurst in 2005 agreed to remove castration requirements from legislation setting tougher sentences for sex offenders. Several House members at the time told The Associated Press they feared the castration language would have made the bill unconstitutional. In 2011, Hurst co-sponsored a bill that classified the sexual abuse of a child 6 years or younger as a capital offense, allowing courts to sentence offenders to life without parole.


Alabama residents have mixed feelings about the measure.

“Somebody that wants to mess with a little girl or little boy that age should be castrated, and they should not be able to mess with any other kids,” Keith Dison told CBS affiliate WIAT.

“I understand prison and going to prison for a long time for some kind of crime like that, but to physical mutilate someone…that’s a little out there…it’s crazy,” Jessica George told the station.

Watch the report via CBS News.


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