Creep meets bullet when he attacks the wrong woman in parking lot

A Kentucky woman turned the tables on her would-be attacker, shooting the suspect after he tried to rob her at knife point.

Surveillance camera footage shows the suspect moments before he attacked the Louisville woman when he followed her into an elevator at a parking garage, reported KABC-TV.

As the woman got into her car that night in January, the suspect allegedly pushed in behind her, put a hand over her mouth and pulled a knife, police reported. In the struggle that transpired, the car’s windshield was cracked.

But this pistol-packing woman was not about to give in to the attacker; pulling a gun from her purse, she planted a bullet into the man’s neck, reported KABC. Surveillance footage showed the suspect in the garage’s stairwell bleeding from the neck.

Another man who spotted the injured suspect called 911. The suspect, John Ganobick, was arrested and charged with attempted murder, kidnapping and criminal mischief. Though she suffered multiple injuries, the victim was expected to be alright,  reported KABC.

A crook with a knife is about to try to rob the wrong person. Little does he know, the woman he’s been stalking in an…

Posted by ABC7 on Friday, March 4, 2016


Frieda Powers


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