What Larry King says Nancy Reagan confided to him about 2016 election before she died; one good thing …

In an obvious reference to the acrimonious nature of the 2016 presidential election, former CNN anchor Larry King said Nancy Reagan was “very upset” with how things were going.

The iconic television and radio host recalled his close relationship with Mrs. Reagan while speaking to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Sunday following the announcement that the former first lady had died at the age of 94.

“I’ll miss her,” King said. “I love socializing with her, I love gossiping with her, I love talking with her.”

He intimated that before dying, Mrs. Reagan had expressed to him her disappointment with this year’s election, which has taken on a unique quality with real estate tycoon Donald Trump in the mix.

“If there’s one thing glad about this,” King said, “she isn’t around to see the end of this political year. Because she was very upset by it.”

“This must be tough for you, Wolf,” he added. “I feel for you.”

To his credit, whatever his sentiments, Blitzer was not willing to go there, choosing instead to keep the focus on Nancy Reagan.

Tom Tillison


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