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What could go wrong? Backlash after NY mayor declares all city bathrooms gender neutral

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If it ain’t broke, go ahead and fix it anyway.

That ought to be the motto of progressives like New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio who, on Monday, signed an executive order that made all city-owned bathrooms gender neutral.

The new regulations affect all city-owned buildings including parks, recreation centers, pools, playgrounds and offices, according to CBS News.

The order allows anyone to use the bathroom of the sex they identify as without the need to show any identification or proof of any kind that they are the gender they claim to be.

That means a man, dressed as a man, could simply say he identifies as a woman and he would get access to the women’s facilities.

“Access to bathrooms and other single-sex facilities is a fundamental human right that should not be restricted or denied to any individual,” de Blasio stated at the signing ceremony. “Every New Yorker should feel safe in our city — and this starts with our city’s buildings.”

It’s incredible that he doesn’t see the irony in that statement.

Many on social media did.

Carmine Sabia


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