Muslims, Sikhs hold DC rally FOR Trump: He’s not against us, don’t believe media spin

A group of Sikhs and Muslims met in a Washington, D.C., suburb in support of Republican presidential contender Donald Trump’s candidacy.

IBN Live reported:

A group of Sikhs and Muslims mostly from South Asian countries have joined the Donald Trump bandwagon in the US state of Maryland, asserting that the Republican presidential frontrunner is “not against” their communities.

Under the banner of “Sikh Americans for Trump” and “Muslim Americans for Trump” scores of Sikhs and Muslims held their first meeting in a suburb of Washington DC in Maryland, wherein a representative from the Trump campaign addressed them.

Organizers of the event — from both the Sikh and Muslim communities — argued that the view of Trump about minority communities has been “twisted” and “taken out of context” by the mainstream media and claimed that the 69-year-old billionaire real estate magnet would create more jobs in the country which would benefit the minorities.


“He (Trump) is not at all against the Sikhs or the Muslim community. What he says is given spin. The mainstream media gives a spin. Because they are scared of him. He is not the status quo. He is not taking anybody’s money,” said Jasdip Singh, who helped organized the “Sikh Americans for Trump” in Maryland.

Campaign Trump tweeted:

CNN/IBN News reported:

Reaction was mixed. There were these:

But there were also these:

And at least one thought fear was the motivating factor.

But maybe something else motivated them — at least the Sikhs.

“Trump built Tajmahal (Casino) in Atlantic City 25 years ago and brought a piece of India to the US and tried to bring things from India into Taj,” Singh told IBN Live.

“So he has a very strong affinity and relationship with India. We should not listen to the spin that is coming from the media.”


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