Cruel Saudi TV prank show films cab riders believing they’re about to be blown up by jihadist

A recent prank went wrong when a Saudi Arabian TV station had an actor pose as a taxi driver who, when he picked up fares, announced that he’s a jihadist who planned to blow them all up.

It’s kind of like shouting “fire” in a crowded theatre — someone’s bound to get hurt.

While he drove the passengers to their destination, the faux taxi driver revealed each time what appeared to be a suicide vest.

The passengers were understandably terrified — one even chose to jump out of the moving vehicle rather than be blown to smithereens.

The video depicts three scenes, each producing a different result.

In the first, the fake cabbie picked up a young boy who became tearful and begged the actor to stop the car. When the cabbie finally told him it was all a joke, the boy can be seen sobbing hysterically.

The second scene also involved a young teen, but instead of pleading for his life, he took the desperate measure of jumping out of the moving car.

In the last scene, two businessmen are picked up. When the taxi driver revealed his vest they turned the tables on him. One grabbed his neck from behind while the other brought the vehicle to a safe halt and called the police.

Watch the video via the Daily Mail.


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