Watch what happens when CNN reporter scolds Trump for bragging about manhood

Why, oh, why did Marco Rubio ever mention the size of Donald Trump’s hands?

CNN’s Jim Acosta at Trump’s post-election rally in West Palm Beach on Saturday.

In a tense exchange Acosta asked the Republican presidential front-runner if responding to the comment from Rubio declaring Trump’s hands to be small…”and you know what they say about men with small hands”… was beneath the process of running for president.”

“I didn’t bring it up, excuse me, somebody else said ‘Donald Trump has small hands,'” he said.

“These guys know,” he said pointing to men who golf at his club.

He then addressed his club Champion and said “Do I hit the ball good? Do I hit it long? Is Trump strong?”

Watch the exchange below is which Trump also said he would be “the most presidential candidate in history other than ‘Honest’ Abe Lincoln.

Carmine Sabia


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