Trump holds Saturday Q & A: Here’s what he thinks about brokered convention

Following Saturday night’s primaries and caucuses in which he went 2 for 4, Donald Trump planned a chat with invited media.

“I would love to take a few questions from these dishonest people,” the Republican presidential front-runner said to begin a Q & A session in which he called for Marco Rubio to drop out several times.

He went on to have a tense exchange with a reporter over the size of his hands and how “long” and “strong” he hits a golf ball.

The front-runner also took the opportunity to say he would help the Republican party fundraise, though he wants none of the funds for his campaign.

Trump said he fully intends to win the nomination before he could have the nominations snatched from him in a contested convention.

“I sponsor a lot of sporting events and the fighters have a great expression,” he said. “They say ‘they only way we guarantee victory is to knock them out.’ The way I guarantee victory is to get enough delegates so I don’t have to worry about it.

Watch the entire exchange in two parts below.

Carmine Sabia


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