Strange twist: Bowe Bergdahl attorney summons Trump for interview

Donald Trump is a master at driving the news cycle, but this is one the Republican presidential front-runner surely never saw coming.

Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl‘s legal team has requested to interview the candidate about disparaging comments he has made about the former prisoner of war on the campaign trail out of concern the remarks will prevent the disgraced soldier from having a fair trial, according to LawNewz.

Attorney Franklin D. Rosenblatt sent Trump a letter on Saturday requesting an interview to determine if they’ll seek a disposition from the real estate tycoon.

“I request to interview you as soon as possible about your comments about Sergeant Bergdahl during frequent appearances in front of large audiences in advance of his court-martial,” Rosenblatt said in the letter.

“Based on your personal knowledge of matters that are relevant to Sergeant Bergdahl’s right to a fair trial, this interview will help us determine whether to seek a deposition order under Rule for Court-Martial 702 or your personal appearance as a witness at an Article 39(a) session of the court-martial,” he added.

The Wall Street Journal published a video of an August town hall meeting in New Hampshire where Trump called Bergdahl a “dirty, rotten traitor.”

Bergdahl attorney Eugene Fidell issued a statement denouncing Trump’s comments following the town hall.

“This is the lowest kind of demagoguery,” Fidell said. “Mr. Trump’s comments are contemptible and un-American. They are a call for mob justice.”

LawNewz reported that Trump also called him a “no good” and called for the soldier’s execution.

Bergdahl is expected to go on trial later this year to face charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy for leaving his post in Afghanistan in 2009, which led to him being captured by the Taliban.

Constitutional attorney Floyd Abrams told LawNewz that Trump is not likely to be called to testify during the trial.

“The statements could have the impact of potentially inflaming or chilling the jury,” Abrams said. “But I can not conjure up any basis for having Mr. Trump testify.”

Tom Tillison


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