Judge Jeanine DESTROYS Mitt Romney over Trump assault: ‘You awoke a sleeping giant!’

Judge Jeanine Pirro gave one of her more impassioned opening statements on Saturday’s show, tearing into former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who she said proved the “establishment is panicked” over the success of front-runner Donald Trump.

“There’s an insurrection coming. Mitt Romney just confirmed it,” Pirro warned.

“We’ve watched governors, the National Review, conservative leaders, establishment and party operatives trash Donald Trump,” she said. “But Mitt Romney will always be remembered as the one who put us over the edge and awoke a sleeping giant, the silent majority, the American people.”

Pirro insisted the establishment wants a brokered convention.

“Mitt essentially called for a brokered convention where the Republican nominee will be selected by party activists and delegates irrespective of their state’s choice,” she said. “You want a brokered convention? A primer Mitt. Whenever we have a brokered convention we lose. Dewey and Ford emerged from a brokered convention to lose the general election.”

The Fox News host said “party elites and elders” concerned about protecting America from falling into the abyss don’t grasp that “we’re already in the abyss. The Obama abyss.”

And Judge Jeanine directed her fire at both parties.

“We are sick and tired of legislators of modest means who leave Congress multimillionaires, whose spouses and families get all the contracts from selling the post offices to accessing insider information so they can buy property and flip it,” she said. “You’re so entrenched that you’re willing to give Hillary Clinton a win. It doesn’t matter to you which party, crony capitalism and its paradigm will not change for the elite. Let the American people suffer along the way.”

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99 thoughts on “Judge Jeanine DESTROYS Mitt Romney over Trump assault: ‘You awoke a sleeping giant!’

  1. Jim Intrater says:

    She simply obfuscates all criticisms of Trump.

  2. JVM says:

    Mitt Mr Greacian Formula 19, along with his gaff in 2009 election let us not forget the recording by Buss Boy recording video on cell phone referring to us 17 % poor folk who care less about how we voted in Mitts on words on Mother Jones ” His disdain for poor folks, and he could care less how we voted”, Well we voted along with Mitts poor pathetic appearance during Hurricane Sandy, dismissing Global warming on the eve of a 100 year storm, and You all know the rest……

  3. JVM says:

    I posted this separately from below, because Its important Democrat, Republican, Independent, that we remain remembering to what these people like Mitt Romney hope we forget. They hope we forget what they say or do……

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