Beck shares ‘golden ticket’ with Conservatives: Shame on us for loyalty oaths

Conservative firebrand Glenn Beck called on those attending this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference to pledge loyalty to the U.S. Constitution, not political parties.

Beck told conservatives they shouldn’t feel compelled to vote for candidates or parties that don’t reflect their values.

“Don’t tell me conservative principles don’t work,” Beck said in closing out the event on Saturday. “Don’t tell me standing up for God-given, time-tested principles don’t win at the voting box. They do. Stop being ashamed of our principles.”

The media personality went so far as to compare loyalty oaths to fascism.

“Shame on all of us for asking for loyalty oaths,” he said. “Loyalty oaths should never be made to parties. That is a step toward fascism.”

“You don’t owe loyalty or an oath to any party,” Beck added. “Especially any party that fails to defend the principles outlined in our [founding] documents.”

Beck’s theme was the childhood story “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” and he told the youthful crowd the U.S. Constitution was their “Golden Ticket.” And while he never mentioned Republican front-runner Donald Trump by name, Beck certainly had the candidate in mind when he said that is “the only thing that can make America great again.”

He invoked the theme of this year’s conference, “Our Time Is Now,” saying “it falls to us to follow our God-given principles.”

“Our movement is not about personalities. It is not about parties,” Beck insisted. “It’s about each other. It’s about our rights… Parties don’t matter. Principles, core principles, matter.”

“We cannot lose your movement to a charming Slugworth with pockets full of cash,” he concluded.

Tom Tillison


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